Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan is Director of Hintons and formerly Head Australian External Affairs at Rio Tinto.

His assignments include the BHP Billiton de-merger proposal, Murray Goulburn’s offers for Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, CSL’s purchase of the Novartis influenza vaccine business, Oxiana’s merger with Zinifex, communications for Coles in its acquisition by Wesfarmers, Rio Tinto’s defence against the BHPB pre-conditional offer, and on behalf of AXA Asia Pacific, the de-merger and buy-out proposals from AXA Sa and AMP and NAB. Tim advises a number of significant listed and non-listed companies on a standing basis.

In addition to transaction and special situation communications, Tim has broad experience in corporate public affairs, including the development of external affairs strategy and its implementation in both corporate centres and operating businesses. Tim also has many years direct experience in media relations, government relations, industrial relations, and stakeholder communications.