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Post GFC: Business demands greater diversity & depth in communications counsel.

During the last year our clients have sought a greater breadth of advice than ever before.

In part I see this is as characteristic of the post-GFC period with many companies still addressing issues from this difficult time. However, the growing diversity of needs stems not just from the business environment but also from changes in the media and increased market scrutiny that companies are now experiencing.

Without doubt the media environment has broadened and intensified. The internet’s demands for content multiply as new and specialised outlets carry a proliferation of online reporting, commentary and distribution. Syndication often provides unexpectedly loud echoes of hitherto highly specialised material.

How market participants access news is also evolving quickly and this means companies often have more complex tasks when they seek to communicate effectively with their audiences.

For Hintons, the result has been that we have been asked to support markedly varied corporate needs even though transaction – based counsel has remained the core of our business. This year we have developed strategy and implemented plans in the areas of investor and stakeholder relations, industrial relations, crisis planning, issues management, litigation support, and internal communications.

Our team, with its strong multi-disciplinary base in economics, accounting, public affairs, business journalism, law and corporate finance, is well positioned to focus on these needs and further develop the service we provide.

Highlights 2010

Rio Tinto
Advisor on Pilbara JV with BHP Billiton
Multi-project strategic communications advice.

AXA Asia Pacific
Strategic advisor external communications for takeover defence of AXA SA AMP/NAB.

Communications support and advisor on takeover by Equinox Minerals.

Eastern Star Gas

Strategic advisor external communications.

Strategic advisor internal and external affairs.

Advisor strategic communications.

Murray Goulburn

Media and stakeholder strategy on bid for Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Limited.

Country Road

Advisor strategic communications.

Communications advisor on strategic business review.


Media strategy advisor for JV launch with Perpetual Trustees Limited.


Communications advisor for acquisition of Wattyl Limited.

Advisor investor relations and media strategy.